Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium:

We arrived at the station in Bruges from Paris, and made our way to our accomodation (B&B Ad Libitum) by bus. We were greeted by our host Jacqueline, who was very friendly. We had our breakfast, left our things, then headed out to find the De Halve Maan brewery.

De Halve Maan Brewery

This tour is highly recommended in TripAdvisor, and it’s easy to see why. The free Bruges Zot beer at the end of the tour is reason enough. Our tour guide Andrew was fantastic. He made the tour exciting with his passion for beer, and his hilarious side comments (“3 Straffe Hendrix Tripel beers for a good nights sleep… another Quadrupel and you won’t remember how you got to sleep..”)

The bar is nice and bright with high ceilings and glass windows. The bartender served us our beer. Belgians are very particular about their beer, even the type of glass they use is chosen for each specific kind. After tasting, well all I could say is that I’d never perceive other beers the same way again… All the other beers I ever tasted all suck compared to the ones they serve here. There’s an herb like taste to it, and the high alcohol percentage hits hard.

Shopping for Chocolates

When in Belgium, try the beer, the waffles, the fries and of course: the chocolates. We passed by the Old Chocolate House and tried their hot chocolate which they claimed to be the best in Belgium. True enough, it was delicious, then we tried different chocolates from their shop as well.

All over Bruges, there are plenty of chocolate shops which sell different kinds, shapes and sizes: including chocolate dog poop, chocolate penis, chocolate boobs, and others..

Grote Markt

We then went to the Grote Markt area where the Belfry tower is, hoping to climb up. Unfortunately when we got there, it was already closed. So we just spent time exploring the area. There was a fries shop nearby so we went ahead and tried some.

Around Bruges

Bruges at Night

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2 Responses to Bruges, Belgium

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  2. julius says:

    oi kilala ko kau ah hehe,,Julius,,housemate nyo dati sa bedok south,,anyways,,great shots! nagpnta din ako jan last month,,sayang di ako nkpagdala ng tripod di tuloy ako nkpagnightshoot..nice to see you here,,regards to your little princess (forgot the name hehe)

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