Paris, France Day 2

Paris, France Day 2:

The Louvre

First activity of the morning was to visit the Louvre. You need to be there early to avoid the crowds. We went by the entrance in Rue de Crussol because based on our research, the entrane by the pyramid has a lot more people. There’s a queue to have your bags checked, but after that, it’s mostly clear. No large bags are allowed inside, so I had to leave some of my things at the baggage counter and brought only my camera inside.

We got the Paris Museum pass to avoid the queues. If you are going to multiple museums, this is the best choice since most of them have a separate waiting line for those with a pass.

We had a basic idea of what we wanted to see in the Louvre, so it was easy to decide where to go. The must sees are the big three: Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. Although the museum is huge, it wasn’t as hard as I expected to navigate. The most important thing is to know what you want to see beforehand.

Winged Victory of Samothrace:

Venus de Milo:

Mona Lisa:

Mona Lisa is undoubtedly the main attraction of the museum. There were so many people crowding to get to the front to catch a closer glimpse or get a picture. Ces squeezed here way inside to get a quick picture.

We saw most of the artworks that we planned to see, which were the more popular ones. Below are some of them.

Michelangelo’s Dying Slave:

Liberty Leading the People:

The Coronation of Napoleon:

We had lunch at the cafeteria inside and had some sandwiches. The food was actually quite good and cheap too.

We then went around the pyramid area, took some pictures and goofed around a bit.


We walked to Conciergerie from the Louvre and flashed our museum pass to get inside. Pretty creepy inside, it being a former prison and all. The former cell of Marie Antoinette is here. In some of the other cells, they have some mannequins and old prison accessories for display.

La Sainte-Chapelle

La Sainte-Chapelle is in the same area as the Conciergerie so we went there next. It’s beautiful inside, with intricate stained glass windows. Each section of the stained glass tells a story from the bible.

Paris Cafe

From there, we decided to have a snack in a nearby Parisian Cafe, and ordered the stereotypical crepe (chocolate flavored). It was pretty good. So far, our parisian food experience has not yet failed to impress. I heard that the food here was good, but I didn’t expect it to be this good consistently.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Next stop was Notre Dame Cathedral, which is also walkable from Santa Eulalia Cathedral. We got there at around 5.30pm since we knew the entrance to the top of the towers should be open until 6pm. To our disappointment, we were informed that it was already closed. There were other tourists hoping to get inside, and they were also wondering about the early closure of the entrance. The people at the gate informed us that the entrance closes 45 minutes before 6pm (5.15pm). Not sure if these guys were pulling our legs just so they could get off early…

We just walked around the area anyway and enjoyed the cathedral view.

Cellar Restaurant

We were tired by then, so we decided to go back to the inn. Our host recommended a nearby restaurant so we went there to try it out. We were the first ones there and the owners of the restaurant took care of us. When we tasted the food, we were very very pleased. It was uniquely very good.

Below is the link to our review in Trip Advisor for the full details:

Melon Sicilienne:

Pommes de terre a l’huile (Herring with potatoes and oil):

Veau aux tortilla (Veal with potatoes):

Tartare de boeuf (Beef Tartare):

Chocolate Ice Cream:

Chocolate Mousse Cake:

Ces with The Cellar Owners:

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