Paris, France Day 1

Paris, France Day 1:

From Munich, we took the sleeper train to Paris and arrived there in the morning. We went to our inn first (Coleurs B&B) to drop off our things. Our host was very friendly and offered us breakfast: Coffee and croissants, delicious… Although the room was not yet ready, we were allowed to leave our things. After breakfast, we made our way to Roland Garros by metro.

Roland Garros

We got there relatively early, so we looked around a bit before the seniors match. John McEnroe was playing men’s doubles, so we headed to the courts to watch. It was pretty cool to watch our first live tennis match. McEnroe was entertaining the crowd by acting hot-headed like he usually was.

The view from the top of the stadium is nice…

We got to watch the Federer Djokovic match from the large screen outside the stadium. We didn’t get to finish the match though because had scheduled to go to the Eiffel Tower after.

Top of the Eiffel Tower

We made our way to the Eiffel Tower from Roland Garros by metro. There was A LOT of people. Different tour groups were converging towards the entrance. Although we had an online reservation, the queue and wait was still long. There was actually some pushing going on to get to the elevator. When we got to the top, it was the same story. People were crowding towards the sides in order to get their picture taken. We managed to get our pictures and got the hell out of there. We went down to the second floor, where the restaurant is and rested a while, at least there were no crowds in that area.

Eiffel Tower

We got down, and headed back to the metro station. The walk through the park gives a great view of the tower. It was nightfall by then, just in time for the lights to turn on. The Eiffel Tower looks a lot more beautiful from down here…

The Ecole Militare building can be seen on the way to the metro station…

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2 Responses to Paris, France Day 1

  1. Elle says:

    Hi I like your pictures… When did you take this trip? It seems like some areas was colder than others. Do you agree? What do you recommend as clothes? Thanks

    • acestravels says:

      Hi, we had our trip in June. Most days in Paris, summer wear is okay. But for the cooler days, it would be good to have a light jacket in your bag. But if you plan to go to Belgium or Munich, it might be a good idea to wear long pants and long sleeved clothing, plus a thicker jacket.

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