Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany:

We boarded the sleeper train from Venice to Munich. We would be spending the night in the train, so all our things were prepared even before we boarded. The cabin was nice, it was our first time in a sleeper train so we didn’t know what to expect. A little cramped but at least we had the cabin to ourselves. Breakfast was served the next morning, you need to tell the train officer what time your wake up call is.

When we got to Munich Hauptbahnhof, we rushed to search for the leave luggage lockers. There was only a 20 minute window before our next train. We finally located it, we left our luggage, then rushed back to our train to Fussen. We made it. The train ride was scenic, you can see some farms and lots of houses with solar panels. We rested a bit, then a few moments later we were at Fussen.

Neuschwanstein Castle

You need to take a bus to Hohenschwangau on the way to Neuschwanstein from Fussen station. Then, we took a bus to Marienbrucke bridge.

When we got there, the weather was not good. I was expecting to see Neuschwanstein with a great view of the Bavarian alps in the background. Instead, it was all fog, and we could barely even see the castle from Marienbrucke.

We then headed down the steep trek from Marienbrucke to the castle.

The castle looks very different up close, almost like something that you see in a theme park. The queue was really long to get inside. We decided not to take the tour inside the castle, because we read that it wasn’t as beautiful inside as it was outside. So we just took our time taking pictures from within the castle walls.

Bratwurst and Beer

After we were done with our pictures, we walked down to Hohenschwangau where there are souvenir shops, restaurants and bratwurst shops. We bought some bratwurst and fries for lunch. Was initially skeptical at first because the price was cheap, but after tasting, it was great! Tried the german beer as well, even the cheap bottled version was nice.

Fussen Station

After enjoying our bratwurst lunch and buying souvenirs, we headed back to Fussen station. When the train arrived, we boarded it on our way to Munich.

Residenz Museum

After arriving in Munich Hauptbahnhof, we boarded the metro towards Marienplatz. From Marienplatz, we walked towards Residenz Museum. The earlier we got there, the more time we could spend exploring inside. The museum is fantastic, and would recommend this as a must see. So much royalty inside, with lots of gold and fine linen. We got the audio guide, to find out about the history of each room.

We saw the Ancestral Gallery…

The Antiquarium

And the Cuvillies Theatre.


When the museum closed, we headed to Marienplatz and explored the area.

Frauenkirsche Cathedral

Nearby was the Frauenkirsche cathedral. We snuck inside, following some of the tourist crowds. The church is huge and magnificent, with a very high ceiling.

Around Munich

After this, we had plenty of time left and had already accomplished everything we had planned to do. So instead of taking the metro back to Munich Hauptbahnhof, we just walked around taking pictures along the way.

When we got to the station, we had some more bratwurst and beer at Yorma’s. Delicious… and cheap too. We got our bags from the lockers and boarded the train to Paris.

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