Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy:

Venezia Santa Lucia Station

We arrived in the Venezia Sta Lucia Train station at night. Immediately we were charmed by the lights and the canal lights. We had to take a picture first before proceeding. We then searched for our hotel, through the maze of streets. When we found it, we settled down, prepared for the next day and slept.

St Mark’s Basilica

The next morning, we went straight to Piazza San Marco. We toured inside the church when we got there. It’s important to get there early as the crowds grow fast in that area. It was beautiful inside, with golden mosaic ceilings and the displays of jewelry from the glory days of Venice.

Campanile di San Marco (Bell Tower)

After touring the church we went up the bell tower. The view of Venice and of St Mark’s Cathedral was great.

Ca Macana Venetian Masks

We then went on our way to have lunch at Osteria ai Artisti. We got there too early, so we explored the mask shop right beside it, then took our time taking pictures around the area. It’s difficult to point your camera and not see something beautiful in Venice.

Lunch at Osteria al Artisti

When the restaurant was open, we had our lunch. Tried the red and white wine and different kinds of pasta: Spaghetti Bolognese and a white sauce pasta (Forgot the name)

We went back to the hotel to leave the mask we bought. Then we made our way to the Ponte Rialto Bridge. On the way we tried some gelato from some of the stalls. We tried to ride a traghetto as a shortcut on the way there. It was pretty cool and is a much cheaper option to riding a gondola.

Venice Gelato

Venice Canals, Bridges, Alleyways

Ponte Rialto

After going around Ponte Rialto, we made our way to Ca Pesaro, enjoying the sites along the way. From there we took a vaporetto going back to Piazza San Marco. The vaporetto ride was a good experience, like a tour bout since you experience the grand canal and the sites along the way.

Grand Canal

Piazza San Marco

We got to Piazza San Marco and just relaxed. Had a few pictures, then we started feeding the pigeons. Luckily, we brought lots of crackers as our emergency food.

Palazzo Ducale

Going Back

We then went headed back to our hotel. On the way we got some pizza for our dinner. Pizza was delicious as usual, as we’ve come to expect in Italy. There was still a lot of time to hang out before our train ride, so we took some pictures and just relaxed by the canals.

When it was time, we walked to the train station, took few more pictures and said goodbye to beautiful Venice.

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3 Responses to Venice, Italy

  1. Sara says:

    Ran across your album when looking for ideas for a trip to Italy. Love your photography and photo editing. Nice work and the trip looks like it was a fabulous time!

    How did you get your skies to pop? What type of lens did you use mostly? I am new to photography but planning a trip to Italy and Holland very soon.

    Have a nice night!

    • acestravels says:

      Hi Sara, Thanks a lot! We did have a great time. 🙂

      Most of the pictures were processed as HDR, taken with 3 exposures. You can check for more details on HDR. I used a wide angle lens most of the time, specifically the Sigma 10-22mm lens. I highly recommend using a wide angle lens for your trip.

      Best of luck on your trip! Hope this blog helped in some way. 🙂

  2. Vinutha says:

    Wow Awesome Photography and your planned trip is amazing..
    Just loved it…..

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