Dubai Stopover

Dubai Stopover Summary:

We arrived in Dubai airport and headed to immigration. You need to have your eyes scanned by the officer. Didn’t take too much time. Dubai Airport is nice and big. We freshened up a bit, then searched for the left luggage counter. We left our bags and headed for the metro on our way to meet Luis.

Luis had hired a car for us to get around. Very lucky for us, as the weather was really hot and we never researched on how to get around in Dubai using buses or taxis.

Burj Al Arab

We headed for Burj Al Arab first. We had earlier made a reservation to have breakfast at the restaurant, but since we found out that the price had doubled since we booked it, we decided not to eat there anymore. Security is tight and they will not let you through the gate without a reservation. Once we got in, we took some pictures outside. We looked around inside and tried to sneak in a few more pictures. Everything was very luxurious and golden.


Palm Jumeirah Mall

We then checked out the Palm Jumeirah mall. It was the closest we could get to the Palm Jumeirah islands I guess. The mall was kinda nice, there’s a water park inside for family activities. You can get a good view of burj al arab from there too.

Dubai Mall

Next stop was Dubai mall. We had some take out lunch, site seeing along the way. We saw the giant aquarium.

Burj Khalifa

The entrance to the top of Burj Khalifa was within the mall as well. Had to leave my tripod at the counter. We then headed for the elevator to the top, one of the fastest elevators in the world. The view from the top was great. On the way down there are lots of info about the building.

After this, Luis had us dropped off at the nearest metro station. Had a quick shot of the airconditioned bus stops, something we’ve never seen before. We headed back to the airport, and got our tickets. Pleasant surprise, we were upgraded to business class! Going into the plane, we had our free champagne. The stewardess was the best, she attended to us regularly and even gave us a plastic bag full of chocolates when we landed.

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